Custom 98mm 3D-printed 3-blade Spinner for P38


Aeronca Chief Spinner


This very large 98mm (3.85mm) Custom 3D-printed spinner was designed for the 80-inch wingspan P-38 designed by Derek Micko. (pictured under construction)

This spinner is designed for to be used with a 3-bladed Master Airscrew 16×8 propeller and is available in standard and CR versions. You will need a prop adapter (or a nut on your prop shaft will work as well).

To install the spinner, first secure the propeller and spinner backplate onto the motor shaft using a prop adapter or nut, then the spinner cone simply snaps on – no additional hardware is needed!


White PETG.    98 mm diameter and 89 mm tall 

Weight: about 104.5 grams (base and cone)

The propeller and prop adapter are NOT included.  This product is for use ONLY with electric motors and propellers. The spinner backplate has an 8mm hole for the prop shaft.

This is a custom product which is made to order. Please allow several days for manufacture. The plastic spinner parts are unfinished but can be sanded smooth and can be painted with any plastic-compatible paint.  Click here to see a video from Fun Scale Models that shows how to finish and install 3D-printed spinners.  Painting is recommended because all plastics will deteriorate over time if exposed to sunlight.  Glue is not needed!



Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 6 in


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